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Frequently Asked Questions

Pretty Much Everything You Need to Know

  1. How can I get my own domain name?

    When you sign up for a website, SportsSignup Play - LeagueAthletics provides you with a temporary address, like To setup a custom domain with your site, go to Purchase a domain and then let us know when this has been done.

  2. What if I have more then 50 teams?

    If your organization doesn't fit into our OTC pricing model, feel free to call our sales department and we'll be happy to provide a custom quote, (888) 506-7085.

  3. How much do you charge per-registration?

    We do not charge anything additional for online registration. This service is built into every SportsSignup Play - LeagueAthletics website. The only cost you will have with online registration will be whatever charges your merchant account charges to process credit cards. If you do not have a merchant account, we can provide one for you at a cost of 2.8% + $0.30 per CC transaction

    Beware of other companies that may charge you an additional per-registration fee. These fees can add up to outrageous amounts and cost your organization thousands.

  4. Do you offer custom email addresses?

    Yes, you can setup custom email addresses at after purchasing an email plan via However, you do not need to purchase this additional email plan to send emails and notifications through your website.

  5. Is a website included with my subscription?

    Yes, all SportsSignup Play - LeagueAthletics plans (except registration-only) include a fully customizable website with unlimited pages.

  6. How much storage space comes with each package?

    We provide 1,000 MB of storage space for documents, images, and misc files. Most of this is stored to our cloud and does not count against the 1,000 MB storage space. You can always track how much storage you are using on the Admin dashboard within your site.